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Boat Hotel & Restaurant Matylda

The Boat Hotel & Restaurant Matylda harkens back to a time gone by. The beloved Czech novel Saturnin describes just such a craft, from the period between World Wars. A period in the Czech Lands known as the First Republic, and often considered to be the highlight of the 20th century.

If location is important, then this hotel, resting on the waters of the Vltava River, below the iconic Dancing House, and across the water from Prague Castle has it all. It would be difficult to find a more romantic place to spend a few nights. It is also very suitable for families traveling with children, as there are many attractions within close proximity (playgrounds, farmers market, small boat rentals, etc) that are ideal for youngsters.

While the rooms are not large, with the exception of a wonderful stateroom, they are beautifully decorated, and above all they are clean and comfortable. As a place to rest, after a long day of exploring the streets of Prague, this is an idyllic retreat. It also boasts a very good restaurant with spectacular views.

The restaurant also has live music (Jazz) in the evening, so a visit to the Matylda, although it is does not cruise with the other Prague Boats, is perhaps even more pleasant (no diesel fumes & better food).

We give the Boat Hotel Matylda our highest recommendation. You may look for them on Trip Advisor as well.
If you book your stay with us, along with a day trip and a guided walking tour of Prague, we will transport you for free upon your arrival to Prague airport or train station.